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When hiring Lookout Inspections, you’re getting the owner, not the junior inspector. I’ve completed thousands of home inspections, starting my own business in Chattanooga, TN inspecting homes in Tennessee and Georgia. Before that, I worked for a company inspecting homes in Florida.

Lookout Inspections is locally owned, not a franchise. Franchises require fees with guidelines to their company policies while providing marketing materials. I started my locally-owned small business from the ground up through hard work and knowledge of what potential home owners and realtors need from the inspection industry and their home inspector.

Often, that means going beyond what franchises require of their home inspectors. Because I’m personally invested in my company, I take your home – and your satisfaction – seriously.

Buyer Inspections

You always need a home inspection before buying a house. No matter how old, how new, or how renovated, you should never buy a house without an inspection first.

I inspect all aspects of the property, including the roof, exterior, foundation, attic, garage/carport, interior, kitchen, bathroom(s), HVAC, electric, plumbing, and pool.

Your report will span about 40 pages, covering all aspects of the property. It will include both photographs and commentary. The last few pages of the report will summarize the main issues that need to be addressed right now. This helps separate the urgent issues that need repairs from the minor issues from normal wear and tear.

The issues on the summary page(s) are what the buyer should speak with the seller about addressing prior to purchase. This is used as a negotiating tool for the buyer to either have the seller hire contractors to make the repairs, or for the seller to give the buyer an allowance to make the repairs.


When I find issues during a home inspection, I always recommend that you have the repairs completed by a licensed contractor in the related field.

This way, if any issues arise after the repairs have been made, you will have documentation from the licensed contractor, putting liability on the contractor to come back out and fix the issue.

Even when repairs are made, they may not be done properly. This is why you should get a re-inspection after the seller says the repairs are done. I have found improperly completed repairs many times during re-inspections. (For example, a leaking drain is still leaking.)

On a re-inspection, I will inspect all issues that were noted on the summary pages of your original home inspection to make sure they were properly repaired.

Seller Inspections

It is a good idea to have your house inspected before selling it.

This will make the closing process much smoother. You will know what underlying issues you have at your property, and be able to get them repaired prior to selling your home. That way, when the buyer has your home inspected, you will not have any surprise issues come up that you are not prepared to handle financially.

On seller inspections, I inspect all of the main systems, including the roof, attic, foundation, HVAC, electric and plumbing. These inspections cost half as much as buyer inspections due to the exterior, interior, garage, kitchen, bathrooms, and pool not being inspected. Typically, a seller will know if there are issues in these areas, so I don’t inspect them in order to save you money. For example, if you have a cracked window in your bedroom, you know about it.

If a seller chooses, I still can inspect everything at the property. If requested, that type of seller inspection will cost the same as a buyer inspection.

Radon Inspections

Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer after smoking cigarettes.

It is a natural gas that can build up in your home to a level that is unsafe. Don’t worry … if a high level of radon is found in your home, a radon mitigation system can be installed, but they typically cost over a thousand dollars.

I have a radon detection system that gives instant results, so no waiting on the lab to send back the results. During the home buying process, you are not given much time for an inspection period, so my detection system is a big help. You will not be left waiting on the lab to (hopefully) get you the results in time.

It is best to schedule your radon test for at least four days. The longer the better, but (in my professional opinion) at least four days allows for a good reading.

I set the radon test up in your home and, once the four days (or more) are done, I go back to the house and give you your reading.

Mold Inspections

During a home inspection, your report may refer to “microbial growth.” This is a term used for a natural growing substance.

Although the growth may look like mold, I am not allowed to call it “mold” without testing it first.

If there is a substantial amount of growth in a house, I will recommend that you have it tested for mold and (more importantly) removed.

If you order a mold test, I will take a sample of the microbial growth and send it off to a lab to be tested. The lab will then send back the results, copying you on the report.

I can also perform a mold inspection to determine the location and cause of the mold along with a written report with photographs, providing recommendations for remediation and prevention.

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