When a tenant’s lease ends a property owner’s worrying begins.

Tenants moving out of a residential property leave the owner and property manager wondering what will need to be fixed.

The owner and/or property manager scan the building for any problems, but there may be underlying issues that will remain unnoticed to the untrained eye.

That’s where a licensed home inspector from Lookout Inspections performing a 5 point inspection will pay dividends.

5 point inspections include a detailed report of the roof, electric, plumbing, HVAC, and crawlspace. If you need an inspection for just one or any combination of the five points, those inspections are available as well.

5 point inspections are also useful for insurance companies that would like to know what they are insuring, for realtors that would like to know what type of property they are representing for sellers or presenting to buyers, and for current homeowners that expect there could be a problem in their home.

Don’t wonder what needs to be fixed at your property – order a 5 point inspection today.