One thing to know when choosing a Chattanooga home inspector is there are many new Chattanooga home inspection companies in the area.

Most Chattanooga home inspectors are a one man shop like Lookout Inspections, but there are now a few Chattanooga home inspection companies that have two, three and four Chattanooga home inspectors.

The Chattanooga home inspection companies with multiple inspectors tend to be the companies that have been in Chattanooga and the surrounding areas for over ten years, although there have been a few recently that opened with more than one Chattanooga home inspector, but fizzled out.

The last thing you want to do is hire a Chattanooga home inspector that goes out of business soon after you buy your home.

Make sure when choosing a Chattanooga home inspector that you pick a reputable Chattanooga home inspection company that’s been around the area for a while.

One phone call I received this week was from a customer that found me through Google.  One way to check a Chattanooga home inspection company’s reputation is through Google reviews.

This client researched Chattanooga home inspection companies and found that most of them were in the business only a few years.  Lookout Inspections has been in the industry over ten years, performing Chattanooga home inspections and home inspections in the surrounding areas for six years after starting off inspecting homes working for a large inspection company in Florida for nearly five years.

Another way to make sure you choose the right Chattanooga home inspector is through word of mouth.  Ask your realtor, your friends and your family members.

Through my years as a Chattanooga home inspector, Georgia home inspector and Tennessee home inspector, I’ve spoke with many realtors, home buyers and sellers.  What I’ve found is the Chattanooga home inspection companies with less experience typically miss issues and/or go out of business.  And the larger Chattanooga home inspection companies cost more due to more overhead, and if you aren’t getting the owner as your Chattanooga home inspector, then they are typically less experienced and weren’t able to make it as a Chattanooga home inspection company on their own.

Lookout Inspections is a Chattanooga home inspection company with experience, great reputation, fair pricing due to little overhead, and a company where you know who you are getting to inspect your home, the owner.