You don’t always get what you pay for when choosing a Chattanooga home inspection company.

When it’s time for your home inspection and you begin shopping for your Chattanooga home inspector you will find that most companies do not charge the same amount for their services.

Companies base their prices differently. Different factors are taken into consideration such as age, square footage, and if the home is on a basement, crawlspace, or slab.

At Lookout Inspections the price is based solely on square footage. In my ten years of experience I’ve learned that there can be a new construction home with many issues, and a hundred year old property with just a few issues.

Chattanooga home inspection companies that are a multi-inspector firm typically charge more. The extra charge is in part to pay for a marketing representative and for advertising.

If you aren’t getting the owner, typically the home inspector received their license recently. There are Chattanooga home inspection companies paying their inspectors as low as 20% what their client is paying for the inspection.

Make sure to do your research when hiring a multi-inspector Chattanooga home inspection company. Ask how many years the person inspecting your house has been doing Chattanooga home inspections. Their experience will vary.

Chattanooga home inspectors that are independent and charge higher rates typically have more experience and credentials. Home inspectors that are independent and are charging less than others typically have recently received their license.

There are Chattanooga home inspectors with over 30 years experience and others that just started. The Tennessee home inspector license was enacted in 2005, while a Georgia home inspector license does not exist.

Make sure to ask questions and research prior to hiring your Chattanooga home inspector.

Lookout Inspections is looking out for you and your home investment.