Lookout Inspections, Inc. has teamed up with EnviroGuard Pest Solutions, Inc. to offer a complete pest inspection by a certified technician, free of charge.

Home inspectors look for evidence of termite shelter tubes or damage to wood and, if evidence is found, will refer their clients to speak with a pest control technician to determine if the wood destroying organisms are still active. With Lookout Inspections, Inc., clients will know if the termites or other pests are active when EnviroGuard Pest Solutions is on the scene.

Enviroguard offers free pest inspections. If a certified letter is required by the client’s realtor or mortgage company, the cost is $50.

No other home inspection company offers this service – and if you find one, email us at edwin@lookouthomeinspections.com.

As always, Lookout Inspections, Inc. is looking out for you and your home investment.