When issues are found during a home inspection, it is always recommended to have the repairs completed by a licensed contractor in the related field.

For example, if reversed polarity (hot and neutral wires reversed) are found at an outlet, it is recommended to contact a licensed electrician for repairs.

This way, if any issues happen after the repairs were made, you will have documentation from the licensed contractor, putting liability on the contractor to come back out and fix the issue.

Even with documentation showing repairs from a licensed contractor, some potential home buyers still want a licensed home inspector to come back out and re-inspect the repairs made since the initial inspection to ensure they were done correctly.

This is very understandable as purchasing a home is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. Double-checking is never a bad idea.

Lookout Inspections will come back out once all repairs are made to do a re-inspection of the previous issues found for just $75.

Lookout Inspections is looking out for you and your home investment.